Goat Zenzi

Motto 2014

Goat Zenzi

When the sun rises Goat Zenzi awakes. Still drowsy she looks around and bleats: “Baabaa – where am I? Oh, yes I’m on the pasture!” Curious as ever she heads outdoors. Everything is still quiet. Zenzi looks around. Here it’s even more beautiful than down in the valley. Higher. Clearer. More colourful. And the mountain herbs – hmmmm delicious!

Zenzi eats and eats and keeps discovering new ones. “Baaaa – the yellow ones at the edge of the forest, I’ve got to taste them too!” She slips through the fence and scurries to the forest. Soon she is out of sight of the farm. But she is sure she’ll find her way home! Suddenly she hears a cracking right behind her. She’s startled and sees something red-brownish behind the trees. “Help!” Is it a deer or a fox?

Do you want to know how the story goes on? Then visit Goat Zenzi in one of our family nests and experience a fantastic day!

Zenzi Ziege Playarena TuxZenzi Ziege Playarena Tux

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